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Client Testimonials for Meredith Conley & Leah Schulz

Read what others have to say about their experiences working with the Schulz-Conley Team to buy or sell their home in the Greater Seattle Area. Did you have a great experience working with them? We want to hear about it!

Do you want a real estate " A Team"? Look no further. Leah and Meredith will help you through your real estate experience with commitment, professionalism, and integrity. When Leah and Merideth say they are going to do something. They do it. Promptly and professionally. They are unwavering..."crossing every T and dotting every I". Whether you are listing a home for sale, or purchasing a home, this team with guide you every step of the way through the process. When it was time to sell my town house, Leah had a pre-inspection completed and addressed any significant issues immediately. She also made this report available to interested parties. This was key in the quick sale of my home. Leah and Meredith not only had my house sold four days after listing, but Meredith's savvy negotiating ability secured an offer $100,000.00 over asking price, AND SECURED a back up offer incase the first offer folded! Now that's crossing T"s and dotting I's at it's best! This is your "A Team".

- Diana Hunt

Anyone can list a house but SELLING it is a different story. The sale of my house was very complicated. Leah was there for me all the way. She answered all my questions, kept me informed of what to expect next and discussed how she recommended handling each obstacle (and there were many!) as they occurred. Leah kept me sane throughout the process.  I highly recommend Leah. Her finance background, her knowledge of real estate and her excellent customer service was greatly appreciated by me. Thank you Leah. You are the best!!

- Monica Novini

Buying a 1st home IS terrifying. With Leah's experience, guidance and contacts - to say nothing of her wonderful agents, the terrifying becomes plausible. With their collective patience, know-how, wit and wisdom, the plausible becomes reality! Leah's expertise and caring nature did not end there. She was very willing to answer questions and give recommendations even after the sale had closed. In a word - Leah was invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for professional service, with a friendly atmosphere.

- Hilarie Fournier

Having been in the mortgage industry for 27+ years I've dealt with many realtors. When my son/daughter-in-law expressed an interest in buying their first home, I knew exactly to whom I would refer them!!! I've worked with Leah in both the real estate and mortgage industries for many years and she's the ONLY one I would trust with helping them find their first home! Leah is experienced, professional, reliable, and passionate about finding the perfect fit for her clients. She is NOT one of those realtors who think the homebuyer is an inconvenience or uneducated. She quickly established a bond of trust with my kids. They knew they could ask her ANY question and she'd give them the straight answer. When it was getting to the last day of the PS Agreement, she pushed the lender, escrow, and listing agent to make the closing happen on time. My kids got their keys on April 24th and started moving into their new home ... 1 day before the actual closing date. I HIGHLY recommend Leah S

- Krisel Anderson

Having Leah on your team is like having a bulldozer equipped with laser canons and operated by a ninja who is very good at math. We have already referred several friends to Leah and we would do it again in a heartbeat. Don’t wait. Get Leah.

- Ken & Liz Hahn

Highly recommended! I used Leah as both a seller and buyer and she was exceptional. As a seller there were so many things I didn't have time to take care of to get the house on the market by when Leah said was the best for sales. She took care of so many of the details to make that happen.  Leah recommended several things (nothing big) to make the house more sellable and doing them paid off--it was money well spent. In representing me as buyer, she was very persistent in jumping through all the hoops and obstacles that came along and between the sale and purchase everything fell into place.

- Karen Eckert

I cannot recommend Meredith and Leah enough. They are absolutely wonderful. I bought my first home with them recently. They were great in explaining the process and the possible outcomes of everything we did. I was confident in all the moves we made and I could rest easy knowing they had me covered. Took so much stress out of the process knowing they were in my corner and they would fight for my best interests. I ran into a very disreputable listing agent. Leah and Meredith identified the signs and saved my earnest money or at the very least a drawn out arbitration to get it back. There knowledge and professionalism is this field is simply amazing, they have a strategy for everything and it worked every time for me.

- Melissa Reding

I cannot recommend this team highly enough! Their expertise and professionalism was unparalleled and make the process so much easier and stress-free then I was led to believe house-hunting in Seattle ever could be.

- Ashley M

I had previously listed my house with another Agent and it was a very bad situation and did not sell. Leah presented new ideas and had really done her homework. She set realistic expectations and was in constant contact with me throughout the entire process. Leah is incredibly knowledgeable with ALL aspects of Selling your home; including Title/Escrow, making sure your offers are from APPROVED Buyers. I received multiple offers and my house sold for $10,000 over list price! Fantastic experience and super-fantastic results from Leah!

- Keri Whitinger

I have had the pleasure of working with Leah on both sides of the real estate market in Seattle the last several years. I sincerely appreciate her honesty and straight-forward advice... she knows what's happening out there all the time and she tells it like it is! She is definitely extremely attentive to her clients and their needs and is always ready to help out however I need her. I would recommend Leah to anyone who wants to be well taken care of, wants to cut through some of the nonsense going on in the real estate market and get down to business! She rocks...

- Jen Busch

I highly recommend Leah & Meredith. I've worked with them to buy two homes (7 years apart), and have recommended them to several people who have also hired them. They are a great team- super effective, knowledgeable and there for me every step of the way to buying my house. Even after I closed, Leah made expert recommendations about changes I was planning to make to my house and how it could effect the value of my home. I will always work with and recommend them to others.

- Laura L

I highly recommend Leah and Meredith. They helped us to buy our first perfect house. It was incredible. It only took a month to get it. Leah is so efficient and helpful in detail. I definitely recommend them to others.

- QinQin Zhang

I highly recommend Leah and Meredith. They helped us to buy our first perfect house. It was incredible. It only took a month to get it. Leah is so efficient and helpful in detail. I definitely recommend them to others.

- Karen B

I stumbled across Leah because I texted a phone number on a house she had listed. She contacted me right away and made time to show me the house, even though I hadn't even been pre-approved yet. Right away I really liked how knowledgeable she was about houses which I was what I was looking for in a real estate agent. She offered to show me some other houses and I accepted, and she became my agent! When we found the one she was with me every step of the way, getting the offer taken care of very quickly. The agents on the other end were not very professional and it was like pulling teeth working with them but she kept on them and got the job done. Best of all once the house closed she didn't just say sayonara, my job is done but continued to stay in contact with me to make sure there wasn't anything else I needed and even came by to see my progress as I started painting and working on the yard. I would highly recommend her, and her vast knowledge of house projects is invaluable!

- Kimberly T

I would highly recommend Leah as your agent. She was the BEST realtor I have EVER worked with. She is on top of every aspect of selling a house. Plus she communicates what she is doing and why so you know where you stand and what is the next step going forward. I was using another agent who couldn't sell our house. As soon I switched to Leah, things started happening and we go the house sold quickly. The difference was AMAZING! When documents need to be signed she is ready and makes the process easy for her clients. If I needed her to stop by or to explain anything, she was always willing to help and made me feel like ours was the most important house she was selling! I will definitely use her in the future if need be, and highly recommend her to anyone selling a house. BEST realtor I have ever worked with. 

- Greg Forsell

I've bought and sold 4 houses over the years. Leah is by far the best agent I've ever had. She listens carefully and really took an interest in what I wanted. She is an aggressive marketer who really puts the effort in to get top dollar for her sellers. Leah is on the job all the time. Other agents will leave you hanging after the offer is made, but Leah stays right with you up until the close and beyond. I recommend Leah without hesitation.

- Dan B

If you're looking for a realtor who understands your interests and who values integrity, Leah Schulz is the one. She met with us right away and asked what we were looking for, budget, and if we had experience with buying a home. She was a great advocate the entire time and I would definitely recommend her and use her again. She is experienced as a broker and as a realtor, who cares about her clients and her colleagues in the industry. Make the call!

- Katy & Ross Brown
It is with pleasure and gratitude that I want to share comments on my experience with Leah Schulz in the sale of my homes. Selling a house is already stressful but selling it from out of state, it is insanity. Well, with Leah it was such a walk on the beach… I originally gave my house to sell to a friend but found out really fast that it was a big mistake. Leah rescued me and sold it with no problem and fast. Then I had to sell my rental and I did not think twice before calling Leah. This level of professionalism and excellence is without a doubt the best in Washington State. Leah possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent broker: she knows her market extremely well; she is thoughtful in her recommendations to make sure you get the best of this transaction. I cannot envision someone else doing a better job than Leah and I would recommend her services to anyone. Thank you! You are the best in Seattle. Sylvie Thompson
- Sylvie Thompson

Leah and her entire team are the best in the business! They are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of Real Estate, connected throughout the industry, creative, responsive, and have the skills to make deals happen. Leah helped us sell our Seattle condo for well over the asking price and purchase our new home this year. We will forever use and recommend Leah to our friends and family!

- Dawn & Joel Esselstrom

Leah and Meredith are a dynamic team! They sold our condo in under a week!! Leah was a rock star when it came to details; efficient and timely. Don't go to anyone else!!

- Meg Raines

Leah and Meredith helped us selling the house and purchasing the condos from the beginning to the end. They lead us all stages through the process and also emotionally supported us. When any issues came up, they were SO fast to make the decision and to act to solve the problems. They are so professional and always full of positive energy. You can rely on them

- Yoriko Mikesell

Leah brings valuable experience both from a mortgage lender's perspective, and a realtor's. The unusual configuration of our home made it a slower sale; although Leah excels at fast turn-around, she let us make the call whether to continue listing with her (as if we wouldn't!). She was EXCELLENT at strategizing the market and helping us through complex negotiations. Integrity is Leah's middle name. Not literally, but by her actions. All the way up until closing she was on top of details, including maintenance. I have recommended Leah, and will do so again. Would I use her services again? Absolutely! Many Thanks, Leah!

- Marganne Glasser

Leah did a great job helping us get our home sold, she not only helped with making it look it's best, she also diligently followed up immediately on every lead. Leah was great at communicating every step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced, professional and competent real estate professional.

- Angela Wehnert

Leah did an outstanding job guiding us through the process on our first home purchase, and successfully represented our offer in a multiple offer scenario where we won and got the home. Her depth of knowledge and experience and excellent, straightforward communication style worked very well for me, and I would enthusiastically recommend Leah!

- Mark J

Leah has been amazing to work with and I would recommend her to anyone going through the home buying or selling process. Needless to say, I ran into several challenges with the home I was selling and the home I was looking to buy...Leah tackled every issue that came up and offered solutions to solve the problems. She always communicated and followed up, so I was never having to chase her for status updates. She knows her stuff and will get the job done!

- Jamie Lewis

Leah just guided me through the selling of my house. I really felt like I was in good hands the whole way through the ordeal. She gave me confidence that everything was going according to plan once we got an offer. She kept me informed constantly and made me comfortable when she explained all the steps a seller has to go through. I recommend her highly.

- Lloyd Croskey

Leah knows her job and takes it seriously. She takes the time to make sure you understand the whole process as you go through each step. You can email or call her anytime. if she is unavailable, she will get back to you at her earliest convenience. I will be recommending her to all my family and friends.

- Cheryl Coleman

Leah knows what she's doing and does so confidently and professionally. As first time home buyers, we hit the jackpot with Leah and her team. She patiently and informatively answered every. single. question. we had from the first time meeting her and even today as we own our very first home. Leah was so quick to respond and kept us informed every step of the way. I loved knowing what was going on and learning from her. I would recommend Leah to anyone looking for an upper hand buying a house in the current Seattle market. She's competitive, realistic, informed, has a great sense of humor (a necessity when buying a home!), and most importantly, she treated us like we were friends, not just clients. If you're just starting to look at houses, don't wait to contact Leah. She'll take the headache out of the process and save you a lot of time struggling on your own. Thanks Leah, your hard work and dedication is so appreciated!

- Patrick and Candice

Leah took on my condo listing after my local agent changed his mind. Although it was a long and arduous journey with the sale, Leah kept me encouraged and did everything she possibly can to make the deal come together!! Her communications with me were excellent. She is confident, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and very professional! I would highly recommend Leah Schulz!

- Emily Wong

Leah was a tremendous asset to us when we were buying our first home. She is knowledgeable and experienced and brings a great go-getter attitude to the home buying process. For first-time home buyers in particular, it's tough to know what's important, and she was able to help us filter out the noise. As well, when problems cropped up before closing, Leah was on it quickly, and got us the results we needed so we could close on time. She's not afraid to ruffle a few feathers if it means getting results for her clients! If you're looking for an agent that's both professional and results-driven, look no further than Leah.

- Jack and Lauren

Leah was fantastic. We had listed are home and had some troubles selling it. We switched to Leah and she had a plan right away of what we were going to do and it worked. She was very helpful and communicated with us through out the entire process. Leah is very professional and knowledgeable in the industry and I would highly recommend her for selling or buying a home!

- Jared Mauch

Leah was great to work with when it came time for us to buy our first house.  She helped us find some super loan offers that fit within our budget and made purchasing easier.  She was very flexible with her schedule when it came to looking at houses and took the time to keep us up to date every day.  She was highly recommended by a professional in the mortgage industry and I will definitely recommend her to my friends and family after my first purchasing experience!

- Kevin L

Leah was sent to us from above!  We live in New Jersey and had a very complex situation with a home we owned in Seattle.  The process was a long one, but once Leah was able to put the house on the market it sold in 6 weeks!!  Since we were not local, Leah was diligent in making sure we knew exactly what was going on every step of the way.  She  'held our hands' through some tricky situations and was our eyes and ears and acted as if she were our family.  After every conversation I was confident that we were in good hands.  Leah went above and beyond any expectation we had.  We have sold several houses in New Jersey and we have NEVER experienced the professionalism, diligence, knowledge that Leah has.  I can't say enough about how hard working she is.  The fact that we made it out of our situation as well as we did is only because of her.  Seattle is lucky to have her!!

- Sabrina G

My wife and me highly recommend Leah and Meredith. They helped us to find our dream home within only a few weeks! During our interactions they proved to be very experienced and professional, and demonstrated deep understanding of Seattle real estate market. They always had good intuitions about a house, would help us weight pros and cons, and come up with a right strategy for writing a strong offer. During our home search Leah and Meredith helped us to dynamically adjust our criteria and direct our search towards winning scenarios. We started with loosing a bidding war on a home that got 14 (!) offers and finished winning on a house that we liked much more but which had less competition due to being longer on the market. Furthermore, thanks for their intuition about the offer price, we were able to get the house significantly below the list price ! Leah and Meredith are the warriors of the real estate business and they will fight to get your new home on the best conditions !

- Leonid and Monica

Nous sommes une famille française qui a démémagé à Seattle en Mars 2016 pour des raisons professionelles. Nous voulions acheter une maison et nous avons été mis en contact avec Leah quelques mois avant de déménager. Leah est à l'écoute et a aussitôt compris ce que nous cherchions et grâce à ses outils de recherche, nous a proposé de nombreuses maisons dès 3 mois avant notre arrivée! ça lui a permis de totalement cerner nos gôuts et de ne nous proposer que des biens qui correspondaient à nos souhaits. Finalement, quand nous sommes arrivés à Seattle, il nous a fallu moins d'1 mois pour trouver la maison de nos rêves alors que tout le monde nous disait que le marché était très difficile, qu'il cherchaient depuis des mois! Nous avons trouvé exactement ce que nous cherchions et notre maison a été évaluée par la banque 50,000$ de plus que nous l'avons payée, donc nous avons fait une excellente affaire... grâce à Leah! Nous la recommandons vivement à quiconque cherche une maison! Leah rocks!!

- Laurent and Claudia

She sold our house in July and did a great job. She went above and beyond to help us and so very easy to work with. She always had our interests in mind.  We had a great experience and highly recommend her. 

- Judy Bishop

They helped us buy our fantastic condo in a hot market for list. Then they turned around and sold our house for $100,000 over what we thought we'd ever get. All along they made sure we had what we needed, from the right inspections, to the right contractors, to the right mortgage brokers. They have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of buying and selling real estate that puts them in a league of their own. They are hardworking, but fun, aggressive but highly ethical, with an almost obsessive attention to detail. Real estate can be a daunting challenge--the strategy of what price to set for your old home, what offer to make on your new home, when to buy or sell and what to fix or not fix. When we realized how good they were, our strategy became very simple--whatever Leah & Meredith said, we did. The results were spectacular. I cannot overstate how good they are. I will not buy or sell a house anywhere in Western Washington without these two by my side. Period.

- Geof Miller and Tere Burciaga

We had a complex real-estate deal that required expert negotiation. Leah brought expert knowledge, initiative and good judgment, along with strong interpersonal skills that made all the difference. We could not have done it without her. Thank you Leah!

- Sherry Harris

We had a complicated sell-and-buy scenario that involved tight timelines and carefully calibrated stages of move out, temp housing, and moving into a new place. From the get-go, Leah and Meredith pursued a plan that would work best for our house, optimizing for fix-up work that mattered and letting stand anything that wouldn't make a material difference in the sale. They managed most of the work, overseeing the schedule, contractors, etc. It was so freeing, at a time when there's so much to worry about! Their strategies for selling and buying seemed impeccable. Having this crack team of helpful, experienced, knowledgeable, and just plain savvy agents working on our behalf made it not only doable, but stress-minimal. It was a pleasure to work with people who love what they do, excel at what they do, and care for the well being of everyone involved. I wouldn't consider using anyone else the next time we're ready for a move!

- Michael

We had a fantastic experience with Leah! Coming from out of town, we didn't know the area well at all. Leah's years and years of experience and local connections made all the difference in finding us a great place. Leah is responsive, friendly and incredibly sharp, and all of her recommendations (loan officer, closing agent, etc.) were wonderful as well. We will definitely be calling her the next time we move. Thanks Leah!!

- Peter S

We highly recommend Leah. She is a real go getter and will get your house sold. Leah found us after we had had an unsuccessful previously trying to sell our house. Leah came to us prepared from the start. She had fresh ideas and plans for implementing them. She was supportive with us through the entire process. Our house sold right after the first open house. Thank you Leah.

- Chris and Deb

We selected Leah to list and sell our property. She did a fabulous job of informing us on the strategy and the steps she would follow. From there on, speed, efficiency, good communication and Leah taking care of everything made the process much less stressful than we had imagined.   The property sold above our asking price in less than a week. We are especially grateful to the team that Leah brought on board to ensure that the house was at its spotless best:: Alyce (master stager), Jamie (super cleaner) and Leah’s Mom who pitched in, Kenny (sign and outside work) and Norman (window cleaner).  What was best about Leah’s handling was that she told us the steps involved, how long they would take, and what the most desirable outcome would be while at the same time answering our numerous questions and taking note of our preferences. We would highly recommend Leah to others and would certainly engage her were we to be again in a similar situation.. Diane and Jean-Loup:  Client April 2016

- Diane and Jean-Loup

We worked with Leah in the sale of our home. We were a relatively small client compared to most of the market, but we never felt that we were treated in a "small" way. Leah was always available and communicated with us most efficiently. She provided suggestions and solutions to several specific issues that came up during the sales process. We are delighted with her work and would highly recommend Leah to you.

- Glen

We  had our house on the market for 3 months with no offers. We switched to Leah and she went right to work with a marketing plan and we had an offer within 10 days and we closed within 30 days. Leah is a dedicated professional. She is a hardworking realtor who follows thru on every lead. She is a results oriented tireless worker with a very positive attitude. She is very organized and detail oriented. We were so pleased with the strong effort she put into selling our home. One of the things we liked about Leah was her consistent communication. She always let us know exactly what was happening with our home sale. If you want to get your home sold, Rachel and i would strongly recommend Leah as the realtor who can get the job done!

- Tim and Rachel Devlin

When I counted my blessings  this Thanksgiving, Leah Schulz, was definitely among them. She has been and will continue to be my realtor of choice.  She has purchased property for me and sold property. Leah got the lowest possible price for me on a home in Tukwila, WA and got me the highest dollar amount on the house sold in North Seattle far exceeding our wildest dreams. Leah has assembled a team beyond belief at her disposal. The yard was overhauled. The house,including the cupboards,walls, baths, etc was thoroughly washed down. Leah's advice not only saved me money by pointing out things I could leave undone and chose the best folks for when work needed to be done. From the hardwood floors to the carpets, to staging the house Leah's team was extraordinary. If you are looking for excellence then choose Leah Schulz to get the job done.

- Mary Vesper

Working with Leah and Meredith was bar none the most positive real estate experience we have ever had. Not only were they knowledgeable and strategic, they made our best interests their highest priority. They were able to forecast changes in the market and made a crucial list of things we could do to sell our home quickly and get offers well above our asking price. The pictures and listing descriptions drove in a high volume of showings and were the best I’d seen in this industry. They literally raised the appraisal value of our neighborhood. I can’t recommend them enough.

- Rebecca Brooksher & Brandon Pitts

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